Cam Moreu
Torrent de Can Ninou s/n.
Polígon Industrial Levante
08150 Parets del Vallès

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Our team manufactures the entire range of gelatin in grain.

- Customers increasingly require products more adapted to their needs, with very specific technical specifications. We make all our formulations with the aim of delivering the customer the product needed, at the right time.

- We are always optimizing our resources and modernizing the processes and facilities to offer the customers a good value for money.

- New products are developed in our laboratory in order to adapt them to the new machinery and materials that are constantly appearing in the market.

- Continuous control and supervision of all the raw material and final product to achieve all the required specifications. Checking the qualities of the batches produced and each consignment addressed to the customer.

Mission. Offering the highest quality and uniformity of the product so as to facilitate its usage to our customer.

Vision. Achieving that a natural product as gelatine is, will last throughout the years in contrast to the new synthetic glues, by adjusting it to the current needs.

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