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  • RABBIT GLUE 325/110
  • Mouldings

    Gelatine has applications in the moulding sector. It´s used to cover every pore or knot of the wood used in moulding frames. It creates a thin uniform film where the final product is applied.


    The painting canvases are not uniform, so they are usually covered with a thin layer of rabbit glue to achieve homogeneity and elasticity, as well as a lower absorption of paint.

  • TECHNICAL GELATIN TYPE 125/50 A 500/165
  • Abrasive paper

    Manufacture of abrasive paper. The gelatine is used to stick the paper with the minerals, being able to withstand the heat emitted by the friction.


    Manufacture of matches. Gelatine is used to bind phosphorus to wood. In this case gelatine with a higher level of foaming, achieves better combustion.


    In a time when packaging is the letter of introduction for many brands, gelatine allows the lining of carton boxes. Whether for shoes, fragances or clothes. Gelatine with a high tack is needed to glue the decorated papers that are currently being used.


    For the manufacture of puzzles, gelatin will allow that after a paper is glued with cardboard and it is cut to the desired shape, the layers do not peel off from each other. The film left by the gelatin is equal and uniform at all points.


    Money Industry uses gelatine to achieve that all bills in circulation all over the world offer the required resistance.


    The binding industry also uses gelatine. As mentioned before, this is the best option to stick paper with cardboard. So all the books, albums and hard lid folders, needed gelatin before they arrive to the shops.


    And last and as a result of the new needs of the market, gelatine is also used to produce the ammunition of the popular and famous "war game” known as Paintball.

  • ColaHuesos

    Natural adhesive used in the paper and paperboard industry, the wood industry, the adhesive industry, as well as in the matchmaking and carpet industry.

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